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Patient Blames Knee Surgeon for Year of Severe Pain
4-23-2020 04:25:00

MARTINEZ, Calif. (CN) – A Kaiser patient says she was in significant pain for well over a year after her bungled knee surgery, according to her lawsuit filed in Contra Costa County Superior Court.

Fired LA Nurse Claims Retaliation by Kaiser's Dr. Kliger
4-23-2020 02:46:00

LOS ANGELES (CN) – Kaiser fired a nurse who made good-faith complaints about discrimination and questionable practices, according to her lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Kaiser Missed New Mom’s Costly Kidney Disease, Couple Claims
9-12-2019 18:20:00

PORTLAND, Ore. (CN) – Kaiser did not diagnose a new mother’s serious kidney disease, she and her husband claim in Multnomah County Circuit Court, seeking $58.1 million.

Botched Ovary Removal Spreads Aggressive Cancer, Suit Says
3-5-2019 12:32:00

SALEM, Ore. (CN) – The botched removal of a cancerous ovary caused the aggressive cancer to spread with catastrophic consequences, according to an action filed in Marion County Circuit Court.

Doctor Took Financial Advantage of Elderly Patient, Suit Claims
2-15-2019 23:38:00

SAN JOSE, Calif. (CN) – A Kaiser doctor and two nurses had a mentally impaired elderly patient sign a durable power of attorney in an attempt to get money from her, according to a suit filed in Santa Clara County Superior Court.

Kaiser Did Not Act to Prevent Suicide, Family Claim
7-31-2018 00:49:00

OLYMPIA, Wash. (CN) – Kaiser should have done more to prevent the suicide death of their loved one, family members claim in their Thurston County Superior Court lawsuit.

Neglect Led to Elderly Woman’s Death, Her Family Claims
11-29-2017 20:12:00

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Kaiser and others neglected an elderly woman’s deteriorating health, ultimately leading to her death, her family claims in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

$50 Million Claim Against Kaiser for Medical Technology
11-29-2017 20:08:00

SAN DIEGO (CN) – A medical technology group sued Kaiser Permanente for $50 million on Wednesday, claiming the medical giant stole its trade secrets on wearable medical devices and shared them with its competitors.

Woman Died of Internal Bleeding After Surgery, Children Claim
9-6-2016 18:31:00

     SANTA ROSA, Calif. (CN) – A mother of two died from blood loss and multiple organ failure because Kaiser doctors did not properly care for her after abdominal surgery, her children claim in Sonoma County Superior Court.

Corpse Marred by Kaiser's Lack of Refrigeration, Family Claims
6-6-2016 23:52:00

     OAKLAND, Calif. (CN) – Kaiser did not properly refrigerate a man’s body and it decomposed substantially by the time it arrived at the funeral home, his children claim in Alameda County Superior Court.

Boy Dies After Sent Home Twice, Grieving Parents Claim
4-7-2016 01:25:00

     WASHINGTON, D.C. (CN) – Kaiser did not order the proper tests for a Down’s Syndrome boy with strep throat and discharged him from the emergency room, and he got so dehydrated and malnourished he died, his parents claim in the District of Columbia Superior Court.

Undiagnosed, Woman Dies in Car of Same Symptoms, Husband Claims
2-27-2016 23:38:00

VANCOUVER, Wash. (CN) - A man claims his wife died returning to the hospital because defendants failed to diagnose her cardiopulmonary disorder, in Clark County Superior Court.

Dad Died When Sent Home With Wrong Meds, Family Claims
1-22-2016 23:08:00

WASHINGTON (CN) - A father died when Kaiser staff sent him home with gastroenteritis medication after he was diagnosed with sepsis, his family claims in a $12 million lawsuit.

'Horrific Damage' Alleged in Death Case
1-22-2016 04:55:00

(CN) - A Kaiser doctor botched two surgical procedures that caused a man extreme pain and suffering before he finally died almost 11 months later, his family claims in federal court.

'Explosion' in Woman's Head Was not A Headache, Widower Says
12-17-2015 23:59:00

(CN) - A woman died of a cerebral hemorrhage because staff at a Kaiser hospital refused to believe it was anything more than a common headache, her widower claims in Placer County Superior court.

Grieving Family Sues for $5 Million
9-18-2015 23:25:00

WASHINGTON (CN) - A man with metastatic cancer died during a procedure to stabilize his affected spine, his family claims in a lawsuit filed in the District of Columbia Superior Court.

Delayed Diagnosis Caused Permanent Damage, Woman Claims
8-14-2015 02:06:00

     LOS ANGELES (CN) - Kaiser’s delayed diagnosis of a woman’s back injury left her with permanent damage, she claims in a Los Angeles County Superior Court medical malpractice lawsuit.

Baby Didn't Get Biopsy for Two Years
8-4-2015 18:22:00

     DECATUR, Ga. (CN) - A baby born with a tumor did not get a biopsy for over two years, her mom claims in DeKalb County State Court.

Grieving Family Blames Kaiser
5-28-2015 23:48:00

SANTA ANA, Calif. (CN) - A young father’s widow and children blame Kaiser for his death, in Orange County Court.

Undiagnosed Pulmonary Blood Clots Killed Mom, Family Claims
4-24-2015 23:45:00

WASHINGTON (CN) - Two hospitals failed to diagnose a woman’s pulmonary embolisms, resulting in her death, her family claims in District of Columbia Superior Court.

Kaiser Refuses to Honor Insurance, a Utah Hospital Claims
2-25-2015 22:40:00

(CN) - Kaiser is using a pretext to avoid paying for medical bills, a hospital alleges in a Utah Superior Court complaint.

Man Died from Bad Medication Reaction, Family Claims
1-21-2015 00:03:00

     SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CN) - A man died from a bad reaction to gout medication, his family claims in Sacramento County Court.

Kaiser Fired IT Specialist Based on Race, He Says
1-13-2015 01:02:00

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (CN) - A black IT specialist quit his job in Georgia to work for Kaiser, only to be fired without explanation within weeks of his arrival, he claims in a Los Angeles County Court complaint.

Kaiser Denied Family Leave, Lesbian Claims
By Barbara Wallace
1-10-2015 00:56:00

PORTLAND, Ore. (CN) - "They are not your children," a pregnant lesbian's boss said as she denied family leave, she claims in United States District Court, Portland, Oregon.

Man Died After Routine Knee Surgery, His Family Claims
12-10-2014 03:16:00

     FAIRFIELD, Calif. (CN) - A Kaiser patient lost his appetite after knee surgery, ultimately leading to his death, his family claims in Solano County Superior Court.

Child with Cancer Could Have Lived, Family Says
11-19-2014 23:21:00

OAKLAND, Calif. (CN) - Kaiser referred a sick child to hospice care, instead of providing further treatment or referring him to a research hospital, his father and grandfather claim in Alameda County Superior Court.

Daughter Could Have Lived, Grieving Parents Claim
11-14-2014 21:36:00

     LOS ANGELES (CN) - A girl died of a brain tumor when she could have been saved, her grieving parents claim in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Class Accuses Kaiser of Patient Dumping
By Reni Anguelova
9-17-2014 00:06:00

 LOS ANGELES (CN) - Kaiser forces patients who suffer from mental illness to cancel their insurance and then shifts the cost of treatment onto taxpayers through a patient dumping scheme, a family claims in a class action lawsuit.

Grieving Daughter Blames Kaiser for Father’s Post-Surgery Death
8-15-2014 22:23:00

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (CN) - Kaiser’s failure to give a transfusion, among other mistakes, caused a man’s death after surgery, his daughter claims in Sonoma County Superior Court.

Stroke Victim Died After Much Neglect, Grieving Family Claims
6-28-2014 02:31:00

     SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CN) - Kaiser and a nursing home are responsible for a stroke victim’s bad medical care, his family claims in a Sacramento County Superior Court lawsuit.

Kaiser Failed to Diagnose A Woman’s Child, She Claims
4-10-2014 02:18:00

     SACRAMENTO (CN) - Kaiser hospital staff failed to properly diagnose a woman’s child with adolescent idiopathic Scoliosis, she claims in a Sacramento County Superior Court complaint.

Breast Cancer Caught Too Late, Grieving Family Claims
3-19-2014 03:08:00

     BAKERSFIELD Calif. (CN) - A mother of two died because doctors missed her breast cancer until it was too late, her grieving family claims in Kern County Superior Court.

Fired For Workplace Injury, Lab Worker Alleges
3-7-2014 16:50:00

     SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CN) - A Kaiser lab employee warned her supervisors a high, rolling chair could get her hurt, and was fired when it happened, she says in a Sacramento County Superior Court complaint.

Kaiser Blamed for Brain Damage
By Barbara Wallace
2-20-2014 21:20:00

     GREENBELT, Md. (CN) - A woman has brain damage after a financially-motivated hospital transfer led to respiratory and cardiac arrest in the ambulance, her husband claims in the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland.

Kaiser Blamed for Brain Hemorrhage Death
By Barbara Wallace
1-31-2014 23:58:00

     PORTLAND, Ore. (CN) - A 17-year-old girl died of a brain hemorrhage after doctors opted for observation instead of treatment, her mother claims in Multnomah County Circuit Court.

Thrift Store Find Holds Kaiser SS Numbers, Cal Attorney General Says
1-29-2014 13:00:00

      ALAMEDA, Calif. (CN) - A computer holding 20,539 Kaiser employee Social Security numbers was sold at a thrift store, California's attorney general claims in a complaint filed in Alameda County Superior Court, Friday.

Parents Blame Kaiser for Delayed Diagnosis of Turner Syndrome
By Barbara Wallace
8-26-2013 23:27:00

     GOLDEN, Colo. (CN) - A couple whose baby girl was born with “puffy feet” was told it could be a symptom of Turner syndrome, yet their Kaiser doctor told them, year after year, that they did not need to have her tested for the condition, although a simple blood test was available, they claim in a malpractice complaint filed in Jefferson County District Court.

'Supplies Theft' a Pretext for Firing, Woman Claims
6-20-2013 14:26:00

LOS ANGELES (CN) - A woman  was wrongfully fired after being falsely accused of being involved in the theft of medical supplies, she claims in a complaint filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

$80M Sought in Colon Perforation Fatality
6-13-2013 23:45:00

WASHINGTON (CN) - Bad communication and follow-though caused treatment delays for a woman with ulcerative colitis, ultimately leading to her death from a perforated colon, her family claims in a wrongful death complaint against Kaiser and another hospital.

Mom Says Kaiser Fired Her for Caring for Kids
6-5-2013 23:58:00

     LOS ANGELES (CN) - A woman was forced to provide doctors' notes when taking time off to care for her sick children and supervisors intimidated her by saying that "people were watching" for "patterns" in her leave requests, she claims in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Bleeding Risk Not Revealed, Kaiser Patient Says
5-23-2013 14:06:00

     PORTLAND, Ore. (CN) - When a 410-pound woman consulted a Kaiser obstetrician-gynecologist about becoming pregnant, the doctor recommended uterine surgery but did not warn her about the risk of complications due to her weight, the woman claims in a complaint filed in Multnomah County Circuit Court.

Large Cancer in Colon Found Too Late, Says Woman's Family
3-12-2013 20:29:00

      MARLBORO, Md. (CN) - A man and his children are suing Kaiser Permanente Health Plan of the Mid-Atlantic States Inc., alleging that a lack of appropriate medical attention resulted in the death of their wife and mother.

Kaiser Transferred Dying Man to Nursing Homes with No Treatment Advice, Daughters Claim
2-15-2013 18:23:00

San Mateo, Calif. (CN) – Two women claim a Kaiser Foundation emergency room discharged their father and sent him to a series of convalescent hospitals without informing anyone what needed rehabilitation.

Paralyzed by Undertreated Ear Infection, Woman Claims
2-7-2013 17:16:00

     HONOLULU (CN) - A mother of four is a ventilator-dependent quadriplegic after her undertreated ear infection crept into her cranium and then her brain, says her "attorney in fact" in a complaint filed in the First Circuit Court of Hawaii.

Doctors Bungle X-Ray, Girl Suffers, Dad Says
By Philip A. Janquart
1-22-2013 19:59:00

     IRVINE, Calif. (CN) - Kaiser's delivery of an x-ray to the wrong doctor resulted in major surgery and a permanent scar for a 14-year-old girl, says her father in a complaint filed in Orange County Superior Court.

Infection Caused Fatal Stroke, Family Claims
11-29-2012 00:40:00

     SAN FRANCISCO (CN) - Four Kaiser doctors botched a woman's post-surgical care, causing her to die of a stroke, her family claims in a malpractice complaint filed in San Francisco County Superior Court.

2nd Twin Brain Damaged by Asphyxia, Mom says
By Tish Kraft
11-2-2012 01:14:00

     SANTA ANA, Calif. (CN) - Kaiser botched prenatal, labor, delivery and post-natal care for a pregnancy, leaving a newborn brain damaged, says his mother in a complaint filed in Orange County Superior Court.

Cancer Diagnosed as Ringworm by Kaiser Doctors, Says D.C. Family
By William Dotinga
5-5-2012 15:22:00

     WASHINGTON, D.C. - The family of a woman who died of Stage IV breast cancer and skin cancer say in superior court that Kaiser Permanente doctors are so inept that they misdiagnosed her cancer as ringworm and sent her home with a topical cream.

Family of Dead Kaiser Employee Pushes Arbitration Over Treatment
By William Dotinga
4-24-2012 17:35:00

     RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. (CN) - The family of a deceased Kaiser employee wants to force the hospital group into arbitration for failing to properly diagnose the brain injury that killed her, said a petition filed in superior court.

Los Angeles, Death
3-11-2011 16:57:00

     SACRAMENTO (CN) - Tthe children of the deceased father accuse Kaiser Permanente Medical Group of causing their father's death, using general allegations.

Cancer, Diagnosis, Death
5-19-2008 16:53:00

     LOS ANGELES (CN) - A husband and children sued Kaiser Permanente in Superior Court. They accuse Kaiser of failing to give a timely diagnosis of uterine/ovarian cancer and to properly treat her with chemotherapy, causing her death.

Colon Cancer, Sutures, Death
3-12-2011 13:37:00

     A deceased man's wife and children accused Kaiser Permanente Medical Group of improperly performing his colon cancer surgery which resulted in his death.

Thousands of Kids, Denial of Treatment, Autism, Los Angeles
12-31-2010 16:14:00

Action alleging breach of insurance contract; bad faith. According to the complaint, child with autism spectrum disorder was wrongfully denied therapy (along with thousands of other children).

Class Action, Kids, Denial of Treatment
12-31-2010 15:21:00

Class action complaint for discrimination against children with disabilities and unfair business practices. The defendants have a policy and practice of denying essential treatment to children with autism and pervasive development disorders, prohibiting clinicians from creating diagnostic evaluations with treatment recommendations; issuing boilerplate denials of a treatment used exclusively for the disorders; and forcing parents to get speech and occupational therapy through schools and other public entities, among other tactics designed to avoid their obligation.

Diagnosis, Death, Sonoma
12-31-2010 15:00:00

Action for wrongful death. The plaintiffs are the spouse and children of the decedent, who was in the care of the defendants. The defendants failed to care, diagnose, treat or evaluate the decedent adequately.

Death, Parent, Lancaster
12-31-2010 13:25:00

Wrongful death action by children of a parent who died in Kaiser care.

Kaiser Dumps Autistic Kids, Class Claims
2-16-2009 16:48:00

     OAKLAND, Calif. (CN) - Kaiser Permanente uses boilerplate language and "sham excuses" to deny medical treatment to autistic children, dumping the problem onto public schools and clinics and "making taxpayers pay for the treatment for which Kaiser is responsible," a class action claims in Alameda County Court. Parents claim Kaiser refuses to cover the most effective treatment for childhood autism and even "prohibits clinicians from creating diagnostic evaluations" that might force Kaiser to give that treatment.