'Supplies Theft' a Pretext for Firing, Woman Claims
6-20-2013 14:26:00

LOS ANGELES (CN) - A woman  was wrongfully fired after being falsely accused of being involved in the theft of medical supplies, she claims in a complaint filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Tasha Taheri sued Kaiser Permanente for Wrongful termination, asking for general and compensatory damages, costs and attorneys fees, lost earnings and future lost earnings, and punitive damages.

Two years after Taheri moved up to a lab assistant job, sexual harassment started, as did ridicule about her being a lesbian and about her accent, according to the complaint.

Although Taheri complained, nothing was done, the complaint says.

Taheri befriended a co-worker, who let Taheri and her children live at his home. Three and a half months later, police raided the house and found stolen medical supplies in a locked room.
Although Taheri said she had not known what was behind the locked door, and the owner of the house insisted she "had no knowledge of any stealing of medical supplies," less than two weeks later, Taheri was fired "on the grounds that plaintiff was involved in the theft of the medical supplies."
Defendant employees found against her In the ensuing grievance procedure, saying they did not believe she was not involved in the theft, the complaint continues. Taheri believes that she was fired due to her complaints against co-workers, according to the complaint.

The plaintiff is represented by David Dorenfeld of Snyder & Dorenfeld in Agoura Hills.