Woman's Death Blamed on Medication Screw Up
4-18-2013 13:48:00

SACRAMENTO (CN) - Mismanaged medication is blamed for killing a 93-year-old woman, in an elder abuse and wrongful death complaint against Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Eskaton, filed in Sacramento County Superior Court.

While recovering from a fall at her home, Marge Wentz spent time under the care of both Kaiser and Eskaton during March and April of 2012, the complaint says. During her stay, doctors “administered medications in type or amount harmful to plaintiff, and thereafter failed to provide for Marge F. Wentz including but not limited to providing for her physical health and well-being, and rendering appropriate medical care for her on-going and developing medical conditions,” which included Stevens-Johnson syndrome, according to the complaint.

Stevens Johnson syndrome causes the outer layer of a person’s skin (epidermis) to separate from the inner layer (dermis) and sometimes slough off entirely.

The complaint says Kaiser and Eskaton “knew or should have known that there was a probability that disease, injury and death would result from the failure to adhere to their duties,” and that they “intentionally and with deliberate indifference to Marge F. Wentz’s health and safety, failed without limitation to monitor Ms. Wentz’s condition and maintain her physical health and safety.”

Mary Martinelli, Wentz's successor in interest, is represented by Sean Patrick of Kershaw, Cutter, & Ratinoff in Sacramento.