Kaiser Hand Sanitizer Misfires, Sprays Visitor's Face and Eyes
2-8-2013 18:52:00

(CN) - A Riverside County, Calif. woman says the hand sanitizer at a Kaiser Permanente facility sprayed her in the face and caused permanent injuries.

Michon Forte says in her complaint that she planned to visit her daughter - a patient at Kaiser's Moreno Valley facility - who was having a baby. Prior to entering her daughter's room, Forte says she went to a wall-mounted hand sanitizing machine to clean her hands.

Forte says that she put her hands under the machine, but instead of spraying the sanitizing liquid into her hands, the machine squirted liquid on her face and into her eyes. Forte suffered injuries - some permanent, she says in her complaint.

The woman is represented by Andrew Steiker of Granada Hills, Calif.