Kaiser Docs Misdiagnose Nerve Bundle as Tumor, Perform Surgery
2-8-2013 17:48:00

(CN) - Two Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Georgia doctors misdiagnosed a patient's bundle of spinal nerves as an intradural tumor, and performed an unnecessary surgery to remove it.

According to Dorian Fisher's Fulton County, Ga. complaint, the surgery performed by defendant Drs. Vishal Gala and Regis Haid Jr. revealed a bundle of clumping nerve roots consistent with arachnoiditis in Fisher's spinal column, rather than the cancerous growth they expected to find. While arachnoiditis causes extreme pain and is a chronic condition with no known cure, treatment is limited to pain alleviation and surgical intervention generally has a poor outcome.

Fisher claims the unnecessary surgery resulted in a variety of post-surgical complications and permanent disabilities.

Besides Gala, Haid and Kaiser, Fisher also names Eugene Maso MD, Craig Logan MD, Eric Oser MD, Ezequiel Cassinelle MD, Kevin Hsieh MD, Piedmont Healthcare Foundation dba Piedmont Hospital, Peachtree Orthopedic Surgery Center at Piedmont LLC dba Peachtree Orthopaedic Clinic and Atlanta Brain and Spine Care PC as defendants.

The Fisher family is represented by Douglas Davis of the firm Belli Weil.