Hospital System Says Kaiser Owes
7-10-2018 23:59:00

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Kaiser owes Providence Health System for care it gave Kaiser members, Providence claims in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

     Providence Health System – Southern California sued Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Inc. for breach of written contract, breach of implied-in-fact contract and quantum meruit.
     According to the lawsuit, Providence Health System treated five Kaiser members at its Los Angeles, Tarzana, Burbank, San Pedro and Torrance facilities during 2014 and 2015 whose treatment should have been reimbursed by Kaiser.
     Three of the five patients involved were covered under an Acute Hospital Services Contract with Kaiser, Providence claims.
     The other two were individual Kaiser enrollees whose care was not covered under that contract but whose care should have been reimbursed nonetheless, because they were covered by Kaiser insurance, Providence contends.
     Providence Health System seeks $64,963.44 for treatment provided to the three patients covered under the contract, $369,461.73 for treatment provided to the two individual enrollees, interest and costs of suit. Providence is represented by Nina Zhang, Joy Stephenson-Laws, Barry Sullivan and Richard A. Lovich of the Law Offices of Stephenson, Acquisto & Colman in Burbank.