Kaiser Boss Targeted Filipinos, Fired Nurse Claims
10-3-2017 23:24:00

     GREENBELT, Md. (CN) – A new boss targeted Filipinos, a fired nurse claims in court.

     Amie D. De Leon sued Kaiser Permanente Insurance Co. and KFHP Mid Atlantic States, Inc., for race discrimination.
     De Leon worked at Kaiser from Feb. 2012 to Jan. 2016, moving from Clinical Registered Nurse to Clinical Supervisor to Clinical Operations Manager during that time, according to her lawsuit.
     “During her course of employment, plaintiff performed her position successfully, receiving pay increases based upon satisfactory performance. Plaintiff had no issues with her original supervisors while employed with defendant,” the complaint states.
     Things changed in or around Feb. 2015, when a new supervisor arrived, who De Leon says, “seemed to be targeting Filipino employees for termination.”
     The new supervisor fired three Filipinos in five months, including De Leon, and did not fire anybody of any other race, according to the complaint. De Leon says the supervisor wanted her to fire people De Leon did not believe there were grounds to fire. When she objected, he told her “find a reason," according to the complaint. Then he used her refusals against her and fired her on a pretext, according to the complaint.
     “Plaintiff voluntarily attended a Dale Carnegie workshop to enrich her skills upon receiving a general email directed to all managers. Plaintiff was never instructed to take a specific self-improvement class due to workplace issues. Defendant has made allegations concerning plaintiff’s demeanor and attitude and a failure to take a required workshop and used those bases as the rationale for plaintiff’s termination. Defendant’s reasons for termination are pretextual. As a direct result of defendant’s actions plaintiff has suffered significantly and has undergone significant financial and emotional upheaval as a result of the termination. No similarly situated individuals of other races were terminated in such a manner without basis,” the complaint states.
     De Leon seeks declaratory and injunctive relief, back pay, front pay and benefits of than $500,000, exemplary and punitive damages of $1.5 million, costs, attorney’s fees, interest and a jury trial. She is represented by Torrance J. Colvin of Colvin Legal in Washington DC.