Fired for Illness, Trainee Says
4-19-2017 22:23:00

SANTA ANA, Calif. (CN) – A trainee claims she never really got to start her job because Kaiser fired her after she was hospitalized due to illness, in a complaint filed in Orange County Superior Court.

Yasmina Chin sued Kaiser Permanente Insurance Company for disability discrimination and breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing.
Chin says Kaiser hired her mid-October 2014 as a customer service representative. After she completed training, she would be transferred from the training area to the permanent area and given a desk, the complaint states.
But she says she never got the chance. A few months after she was hired, she was hospitalized for two weeks with an unspecified illness. When she returned to work, her supervisor harassed her for taking time off even though she had a doctor’s note excusing her absence, and demanded personal information about her illness.
Chin claims Kaiser let other trainees take time off for medical issues, and even called an ambulance for an employee with a migraines But when she had a relapse of her illness, Kaiser just sent her home, and her parents had to drive her to the emergency room, according to the complaint.
After her relapse, her supervisor quit training her or offering feedback on her progress. Soon afterward her supervisors called her into a meeting and told her that unless she resigned, “she would never be employed by Kaiser again,” the complaint states.
But Chin refused to quit, and for months her supervisors forced her to attend random “side by side” meetings designed solely to harass her. They also promoted everyone but her to the permanent area though she had the highest score of her training class and was named salutatorian, according to the complaint.
In late March 2015, Chin says, she fell very ill and left work early to go to the emergency room. Though she left messages with her supervisors and sent a doctor’s note, Kaiser fired her two days later.
Chin seeks general, compensatory, and punitive damages, as well as reimbursement of lost wages and court costs and fees.
She is represented by Arthur Travisco with the Rallo Law Firm of Costa Mesa.