Fondled While Sedated, Woman Claims
3-11-2017 01:52:00

SAN JOSE, Calif. (CN) – A woman claims a male nurse groped her while she was heavily sedated, in Santa Clara County Superior Court.

L.L. sued AMN Healthcare, American Mobile Healthcare, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Northern California Permanente Medical Group, and nurse Cecil Webb.
L.L. came to Kaiser in mid-November 2014 for an unspecified surgery. A female anesthesiologist sedated her before the procedure, but did not stay with her afterward, according to the complaint.
L.L. claims Webb, one of the nurses assigned to her, came into her room while she was waiting to be taken to the operating room and put compression wraps on her legs.
“During this process, Webb rubbed and groped her legs, eventually moving his hand up her legs and across her vagina. All of this conduct was unwanted and was without plaintiff’s consent. Webb also made offensive, harassing, and inappropriate comments to plaintiff and gave plaintiff seductive looks. At this time, plaintiff was wearing nothing but a hospital gown,” the complaint states.
            Webb did not stop groping her until another male nurse came into the room. But after the other nurse left, Webb fondled her breast under the guise of checking the wires attached to her chest, according to the complaint.
            He then wheeled her to the operating room, telling her they were taking the “scenic route.” L.L. says she was afraid he was taking her somewhere else to assault her, but could not stop him or call for help because she was under general anesthesia, she claims.
            A week after her surgery, L.L. met with a police officer to file a report against Webb and learned that he had been fired from a hospital in Dallas for making inappropriate comments, according to the complaint.
            Given Webb’s history, L.L. says, Kaiser should have known he posed a threat to patients like her and should never have hired him or left her alone with him. But they did, and she now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, emotional distress, and other injuries, the complaint states.
            L.L. seeks special, punitive, and exemplary damages for sexual battery, negligent hiring and supervision, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. She also wants reimbursement for lost earnings capacity and medical expenses.
            She is represented by Paul Kemp.