Missed Prostate Cancer Metastasized, Man Claims
3-4-2017 00:12:00

WASHINGTON (CN)  A Kaiser patient seeks $65 million after it failed to catch his prostate cancer when warning signs first appeared, allowing the cancer to metastasize, in a complaint filed in the District of Columbia Superior Court.

William and Michele Alexander sued Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Mid-Atlantic and Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group PC for medical negligence and loss of consortium.
When Mr. Alexander was 52, he had an elevated result to a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test, but was never told. When he was 54, it was further elevated, but, again, he wasn't told. At age 55, it had risen further still, and he wasn't told.
 Five years later, in mid-2013, he complained of decreased sexual activity and erectile dysfunction, but when Mrs. Alexander asked for a PSA test, Kaiser told them it wasn't necessary.
At an exam in early 2015, Kaiser found Mr. Alexander had an enlarged prostate. Kaiser then had his PSA tested and a biopsy done, and found out he had prostate cancer that had metastasized to his bones and brain.
The Alexanders are represented by Sandra H. Robinson of Washington, D.C.