Undiagnosed, Woman Dies in Car of Same Symptoms, Husband Claims
2-27-2016 23:38:00

VANCOUVER, Wash. (CN) - A man claims his wife died returning to the hospital because defendants failed to diagnose her cardiopulmonary disorder, in Clark County Superior Court.

Justin Martin, individually and as administrator of the Estate of Wanda Martin, sued Peacehealth dba Southwest Washington Medical Center and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals for medical malpractice and negligence.
According to the complaint, Wanda Martin went to the emergency room April 7, 2013 and told the staff her symptoms, including left hand weakness and dizziness. Defendants admitted her to the medical center and undertook to diagnose and treat her.
However, after she was sent home April 9, she had the same symptoms, and died trying to return to the hospital, her husband claims. An undiagnosed cardiopulmonary disorder was the cause, the complaint states.
Justin Martin accuses Kaiser and the medical center of not getting an adequate history of Wanda's previous cardiopulmonary condition; not looking at her medical records which included an April 4 ECG; not performing an adequate diagnostic exam; and not interpreting an ECG before releasing her.
He adds that defendants did not obtain "additional consultation or evaluation considering the signs of ischemic changes on her electrocardiograms, elevated troponin levels, chest pain, syncope, unstable blood pressure and risk factors for pulmonary thromboembolism; and they relied on "student physician assistant evaluation and conclusions that were incorrect."
He seeks damages for her funeral and healthcare expenses, loss of earning capacity, and the intangibles of "love, care, companionship and guidance" to her children and her "pain, suffering, anxiety and emotional distress" before her death.
Martin requests a jury trial and is represented by Robert J. Miller of Beaverton, Ore.