Tests Conclusive, But Liver Failure not Diagnosed, Man Claims
9-24-2015 23:13:00

(CN) - A Kaiser doctor misdiagnosed a man with end stage kidney disease as having bronchitis and an infection, he claims in a complaint filed in Maui Second Circuit Court, Hawaii.

Walter Kan Hai III sued Jed I. Alaimalo, M.D. and Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Inc. for medical malpractice.

Hai was a patient of Kaiser for 15 years, and his medical record showed “a progressive deterioration of his health with diabetic complications, including kidney disease,” his complaint states.

Defendant Dr. Alaimalo was plaintiff’s primary care doctor when Hai had blood work done that showed end stage renal disease, it states.

After not feeling well for a week, Hai complained to Alaimalo of chills, ear pain, cough and shortness of breath. He was misdiagnosed with a bronchitis and infection, sent home, and told to make an appointment in six weeks, according to the complaint.

Hai was not treated for advanced/end stage renal disease until he collapsed four days later, was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with stage four renal disease, the complaint continues.

Hai claims he sustained grievous bodily injuries, psychological trauma, pain and suffering, mental and emotional distress and loss of enjoyment of life. He also lost income, and his earning capacity was impaired, he says.

Hai is represented by Matson Kelley in Wailuku.