Kaiser Doc Stapled Colon Closed, Man Claims
8-14-2015 02:26:00

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (CN) - A Kaiser doctor stapled a man’s colon closed during polyp removal surgery, the man claims in San Bernardino County Superior Court.

     Eugene Zour sued Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc., Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Southern California Permanente Medical Group and David A. Santos, M.D. for medical negligence.
     According to the lawsuit, Dr. Santos operated on Zour on July 12, 2013 to remove colon polyps.
     “Plaintiff was then operated on and treated by Dr. Santos, which treatment clearly fell below the applicable standard of care, and which resulted in serious injury to plaintiff, as Dr. Santos negligently and carelessly caused plaintiff’s colon to be stapled closed in the course of the initial procedure,” the complaint states.
     “A few days later, and after exhibiting symptoms of a high grade blockage, plaintiff was again treated by Kaiser and a rectal contrast showed ‘skin staples. ... in the lower abdomen.’ Plaintiff then underwent a CT scan with findings showing, among other things, ‘skin staples and postoperative subcutaneous edema,’”  it continues. (Ellipses in complaint.)
     “Plaintiff was again referred by Kaiser to Dr. Santos to perform a second surgery, which surgery occurred on July 18, 2013 – a mere six (6) days after the initial surgery. Dr. Santos’s operative findings included notations of a ‘very distended bowel,’ which left Dr. Santos ‘unable to proceed laparoscopically.’ The operative findings also stated that the ‘back wall of the ileum was stapled creating a complete small bowel obstruction,’” the complaint states. (Parentheses in complaint.)
     Eugene Zour seeks general damages of $250,000 per Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act cause of action and special damages of at least $1 million, prejudgment interest and a jury trial. He is represented by Jason D. Annigian in Claremont.