Kaiser and Others Sued for Patent Infringement
By Tish Kraft
5-28-2015 23:54:00

MARSHALL, Texas (CN) - Kaiser Permanente Ventures and 14 financial services firms were sued for patent infringement Thursday, in United States District Court Eastern District of Texas.

     The patent is for a specific secure messaging system that plaintiff DataMotion Texas, LLC, says is being used in healthcare management software.
     Kaiser Permanente Ventures is Kaiser's venture capital arm, which invests in healthcare information technology, and companies in the healthcare sector that provide such things as medical devices, diagnostics, health care services and pharmaceuticals, according to Bloomberg website.
     Kaiser is among 15 named defendants, sued in seven cases in the same court.
     DataMotion describes itself in the complaint as "an online communications security company that has invested substantial resources into the development and sale of software for securely delivering data, such as email, files, and other information."
     An example of what it's patented secure system can do is provide "a secure transfer of data from a sender to an out of network recipient who lacks decryption software," according to the complaint.
     It says Kaiser infringes on the patent by "practicing, making, using, offering for sale, selling, and/or hosting of methods comprising at least the Secure Messaging system in connection with the My Health Manager system," the complaint states.
     DataMotion seeks an adjudication of infringement, an injunction, compensatory damages with interest, and costs, expenses and an accounting of all infringing acts. The company also seeks a jury trial and asks for attorneys' fees and costs.
     Others sued for the same patent are Commerce Bancshare Inc.; Commerce Bank; Commerce Bank and Trust Holding Company NA; Comerica Bank; Comerica Incorporated; Comerica Bank & Trust NA; John Hancock Financial Corporation; John Hancock Life Insurance Company (U.S.A.); The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company of America; HSBC Bank USA NA; American Heritage Life Insurance Company; American Heritage Insurance Group LLC; Automatic Data Processing LLC; Automatic Data Processing Inc., according to Courthouse News' database.
     DataMotion is represented by John J. Edmonds of Collins, Edmonds, Pogorzelski, Schlather & Tower PLLC in Houston.