Kaiser Defamed Man Via His Medical Records, He Claims
5-28-2015 21:52:00

(CN) - Kaiser put untrue statements into a patient’s medical records, and then showed them to others, he claims in a Cameron Park Superior Court complaint.

Aaron Sandoval discovered “untruths” contained in his personal medical records on May 15, 2013. He says he notified Kaiser of the inaccuracies and tried to get hospital staff to correct the statements on several occasions, but that Kaiser refused.
He alleges, in part, that Kaiser staff was insulting to himself and his wife.
“Plaintiff was a patient of defendant’s,” Sandoval explains in his 8-page, pro se complaint. “Defendants made offensive jokes, comments and remarks towards plaintiff, plaintiff’s wife and at patient’s debilitating neurological injuries while in defendant’s offices and medical examining room.”
He claims he and his wife were the subject of “offensive jokes, remarks and comments directed specifically at plaintiff and his neurological injuries,” which have caused humiliation and emotional damage.
“Plaintiff has suffered severe mental and emotional stress,” the complaint states. “Defendant’s action have caused, and continue to cause, plaintiff depression, anxiety, sleeplessness and lack of self worth.”
Sandoval adds that his medical records, containing “errors,” were publicly disclosed.
“Defendants published … plaintiff’s medical records,” he claims. “Defendants released plaintiff’s medical records and the errors contained therein to other public parties. Defendants have allowed untrue, defamatory, and personally harmful information about plaintiff to be re-published and used to injure plaintiff.”
He adds: “Any entity would consider this offensive, inflammatory and personal abuse.”
Sandoval goes on to explain that the medical records in question “have/are being used against plaintiff in ongoing KPNC (Kaiser Permanente Northern California) doctor depositions, expert witness reliance by defendants, by PI (Personal injury) cases and DOJ (Department of Justice) cases as legal defenses.”
Sandoval sued Kaiser Permanente Northern California for “infliction of personal injury, harm, pain and suffering.” He seeks general, punitive and compensatory damages, and hospital and medical expenses.