Permanent Injuries From a Wet Floor, A Woman Claims
2-14-2015 01:12:00

SANTA ANA, Calif. (CN) - A woman slipped on a wet floor where Kaiser had no mats or cones, breaking her knee and hitting her head, she claims in Orange County Superior Court.

     Rosa Bobbio seeks $1 million in non-economic damages for emotional distress, hearing loss and recurring vertigo, in a premises liability lawsuit against Kaiser Permanente La Palma, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc., Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Southern California Permanente Medical Group. She also seeks compensatory and general damages, costs, prejudgment interest and a jury trial.
     On Dec. 3, 2013, Bobbio went to Kaiser for a doctor’s appointment, according to her lawsuit.
     “It was raining sufficiently that day to require windshield wipers to drive to the facility, and the floor entering the hospital was clearly soaking wet and slippery and had been wet for many hours with no attempted precautions for just such accidents as this plaintiff suffered on this date,” the complaint states.
     Bobbio took the precaution of wearing non-slip safety shoes that day, she says. She “walked slowly and safely up to the front entrance door holding the railing at the wall, but needed to briefly depart the wall to enter the front door, and when plaintiff went to grab the front door she slipped incredibly hard,” the complaint states.
     There were no floor mats or cones marking the wet floor at the entrance, Bobbio says.
     A Kaiser employee and a member helped her up and then “went on their own ways and left plaintiff to proceed to her doctor appointment on the upper floors of the facility, without calling for further medical assistance,” the complaint states.
     Crying and barely able to walk, Bobbio made it to her doctor’s office, the complaint continues.
     Her doctor ordered a CT scan of Bobbio’s head and a knee x-ray, gave her a knee brace and crutches, and then “told plaintiff to limp downstairs all by herself to get x-rays of the broken knee and a CT scan of the traumatically impacted skull, face and ear,” the complaint states.
     Bobbio asserts that she has been seen by Kaiser doctors at least 30 times for injuries related to the accident.
     Bobbio “has suffered incredible pain and difficulty in dealing with these injuries. Plaintiff will be permanently without hearing in her right ear, and have difficulty walking the rest of her life. Plaintiff was a very active senior citizen who is now forced to sit and not do many of her prior activities, and she is expected to have a shortened . . . life span due to the accident,” the complaint states.
     Bobbio is represented by Jeffrey J. Dicks of San Clemente.