Kaiser Responsible for Head Injury, Woman Says
2-10-2015 23:59:00

FAIRFIELD, Calif. (CN) - Kaiser must pay for damages after a woman injured her head while on hospital property, she claims in a lawsuit filed in a Solano County Superior Court.

Tracy Plitt was in the pediatric department of Kaiser’s Vacaville Medical Center in April 2013 where she had been coloring at a table with her son. She sustained a head injury when she stood up and hit her head on a picture frame sticking out about six inches from the wall, just above the table where she was sitting. Plitt claims Kaiser staff should have known the picture frame could cause potential injury, but ignored it, leading to costs for treatment, loss of earnings and profits, and permanent injury.
“Said injuries will result in some permanent disability to plaintiff,” according to the complaint.
She is suing for negligence and seeks general damages, medical and incidental expenses, and costs.
Plitt is represented by Devan Bennett and Benjamin Scott of Barnett and Bennett, in Fairfield, Calif.