Patient Fell in Restroom, She Claims
9-8-2014 23:57:00

     LOS ANGELES - A Kaiser patient fell in the bathroom because staff did not supervise her carefully enough, she claims in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Central District.

     Pauline Morquecho sued Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Inc., Southern California Permanente Medical Group and Kaiser Permanente for premises liability and medical malpractice.
     According to the lawsuit, Morquecho fell in the bathroom of Kaiser’s Woodland Hills facility while she was being treated there for abdominal pain.
     Morquecho says that she “was a patient in defendant’s hospital while supervised by defendants and their/its employees, agents, personnel, and assigns, was negligently supervised and fell in the restroom.”
     As a result of the fall, Morquecho has suffered “permanent and irreparable injury and disability . . . necessitating subsequent hospitalization for medical and surgical management and treatment of injuries sustained as a result,” her complaint states.
     Morquecho seeks general damages, medical and related expenses, loss of income and earning capacity, future costs for additional and specialized medical help, pre-judgment interest and costs of suit. She is represented by Gerald L. Marcus and Bradley S. Wallace in Calabasas.