Grieving Daughter Blames Kaiser for Father’s Post-Surgery Death
8-15-2014 22:23:00

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (CN) - Kaiser’s failure to give a transfusion, among other mistakes, caused a man’s death after surgery, his daughter claims in Sonoma County Superior Court.

     Daira Carlo, as an individual and as representative of the estate of Artemio Zaragoza, sued Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc., Kaiser Foundation Hospitals Inc., Northern California Permanente Medical Group, Inc. and Adakari Varaprassad Reddy, M.D. for wrongful death, negligence and breach of fiduciary duty.
     Artemio Zaragoza left behind a widow and five children, of which Carlo, 25, is the oldest, according to the complaint.
Zaragoza sought medical help for eye pain in 2011 and was diagnosed with a non-malignant tumor that was pressing on a nerve, according to the complaint.
     Dr. Reddy performed surgery in Dec. 2012 to remove the tumor, Carlo says in the complaint.
While Zaragoza’s pain level and eyesight improved after the first surgery, Dr. Reddy told him he had to have a second surgery, but he would have to wait at least a year to give it time to heal, the complaint states.
     However, at Zaragoza’s June 2013 follow up appointment, Dr. Reddy scheduled him for another operation on July 31, Carlo says.
     After the second surgery Zaragoza was transferred to Redwood City Kaiser Intensive Care, and never regained consciousness. Four hours after the surgery, plaintiff was allowed to see him, but he was non-responsive and barely alert. He died the following morning, the complaint states.
     According to Carlo’s complaint, Kaiser and Dr. Reddy’s post-surgical testing after Zaragoza’s first surgery was inadequate, as were their safeguards before, during and after his second surgery. Their failures include not administering a blood transfusion when they should have, her complaint states.
     Daira Carlo seeks punitive damages, attorney’s fees and costs of suit.
She is represented by Patrick J. Doherty of Santa Rosa.