Kaiser Liable for Spinal Cord Damage, Woman Claims
6-19-2014 23:45:00

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (CN) - Kaiser's “subpar” care led to permanent spinal cord damage, a woman claims in a San Diego County complaint.

Nida Noble, who works as an ultrasonographer, was injured in a work-related accident May 30, 2013, but says she did not recover because Kaiser staff failed to properly treat her. She sued Sarah Lynn Schuler MD, Southern California Permanente Medical Group and Kaiser Foundation Health Plan for medical malpractice and negligence.
“As a result of substandard care, Nida has suffered permanent injury to her spinal cord and surrounding tissues, causing ongoing, debilitating pain and weakness, which prevents her from doing the work she was trained for (ultrasonography), [and] activities of daily living, and severely limits her enjoyment of life," the complaint states.
Plaintiff is represented by Joel Selik, in San Marcos.