$10 Million Sought in Hospital Security Incident
6-6-2014 21:23:00

     OAKLAND, Calif. (CN) - Security guards at Kaiser Hospital assaulted and handcuffed a woman and held her for four hours, a pro se plaintiff claims in Alameda County Superior Court.

     Barbara Mason sued Securitas Security and Oakland Kaiser Hospital, for general negligence and great bodily harm. She seeks $10 million in compensatory and punitive damages for wage loss, loss of use of property, hospital and medical expenses, property damage and loss of earning capacity. Her complaint lists “Yahweh, Elohim, Yahshua” as counsel.
     Mason was visiting her mother at Kaiser’s Oakland facility when she “was attacked, handcuffed, beaten down, [and] forced to stand in attention over 4 hours waiting to be arrested,” her complaint states. She says she was constantly restrained in a unnatural position, hurting her back and nervous system.
     “Defendants took plaintiff purse and kept it out of her sight while they stole her cash monies amounts to $2,500 which was used to purchase a second hand vehicle,” Mason alleges.
     Mason’s complaint blames the guards’ conduct on racism and likens it to the Treyvon Martin murder.
     The top security officer told plaintiff that he was “teaching her a lesson in her Black history,” the complaint states.
     Mason says the guards injured her legs, knees, hip, back, hands, right thumb, mouth, arms and shoulders. “Now, plaintiff has uncontrolled tremors and nerve attacks to present date,” her complaint states.
     Mason’s complaint states that her mother’s health had declined since the incident, and that she has died.