Debris Left on Floor Blamed for Slip
5-13-2014 18:53:00

     SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (CN) - A woman slipped on a plastic needle cover someone had left on the floor at Kaiser, she claims in San Bernardino Superior Court.

     Carmen Lopez sued Kaiser Permanente for personal injury, general negligence and premises liability.
     Lopez says she hurt her neck, back and ankle in the accident at Kaiser’s Ontario, Calif. facility. She was there visiting her daughter-in-law and stepped on the plastic needle cover as she approached the bedside.
     “Defendant and its employees owed a duty to plaintiff to safely operate, monitor, maintain and provide caution signs and supervise its surroundings,” the complaint states.
     Lopez seeks general damages, lost wages and loss of earning capacity. She is represented by Michael D. Payne of West Covina, Calif.