Kaiser Shouldn’t Have Terminated Woman’s Insurance, She Says
5-1-2014 23:10:00

     LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. (CN) - Kaiser Permanente Inc. wrongfully cancelled a woman’s insurance plan even through her monthly premium payment fell within the allowed “grace period,” she claims in federal court.
     Creditors provide customers with monthly due dates, but many provide grace periods, allowing payments to be made beyond the due date, in some cases up to a week, without suffering any negative actions or consequences.
     Lawrenceville-based attorney Georgia L. Murray-Bonton claims Kaiser accepted her premium payment within the allowed grace period, but nonetheless dropped her for missing the official due date. She sued Kaiser in a Georgia Superior Court for breach of contract and violation of Georgia state law.
     “Such violation has caused plaintiff direct and consequential damages,” according to the complaint. “Defendant knowingly collected monies from plaintiff as premium for insurance and then did not provide such insurance in violation of Georgia’s Unfair Trade Practices Act for Insurers.”
     Bonton, representing herself, seeks damages, costs and attorneys’ fees. 14a2011