Fall and Brain Damage Kaiser's Fault, Man Claims
3-11-2014 23:46:00

     SANTA CLARA, Calif. (CN) - Kaiser staff left a Canadian man to walk unsupervised after a hernia surgery, leading to a fall and bleeding in his brain, he claims in Santa Clara Superior Court.
     Canadian resident Bindesri Prasad was visiting relatives living in Santa Clara when he was admitted to a Kaiser San Jose Medical Center on June 15, 2013 for surgery on a hernia. Following the surgery, he used a rolling cart to “ambulate” without supervision. He says Kaiser staff should have prevented him from doing it.
     “The defendants knowing of the plaintiff’s condition, failed to use reasonable care, in part, by letting plaintiff ambulate without appropriate supervision or assistance and while using a rolling bedside table for support,” the complaint states.
     A week after the surgery, Prasad was using the rolling table to walk unsupervised, and lost his balance when the bedside table rolled away from him. He fell to the floor, seriously injuring himself, according to the complaint.
     Prasad blames Kaiser for the fall and his injuries, which included bleeding in his brain that caused permanent brain damage, according to the complaint.
     Prasad sued Kaiser doctors Susan Kutner and Sarala Raja, and physical therapist Julie Haggarty for negligence and medical malpractice. He alleges they are responsible for damages including past and future medical expenses and increased cost of travel health insurance. He seeks economic and non-economic damages.
     The plaintiff is represented by Seth Rosenberg and Minami Tamaki, in San Francisco.