Inexperienced Doctors Left Patient With Half A Colon, She Says
1-24-2014 23:14:00

     SAN JOSE, Calif. (CN) - Kaiser used two young, inexperienced doctors to perform an unexpected C-section, which they fumbled and waited to long to fix, in the end leaving the patient with half a colon and limited time with her newborn, she claims in a complaint filed in Santa Clara Superior Court.
     Fikerte (Fifi) A. Gubegna sued Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc., Dr. Julie Livingston, Dr. Aldene Brown, Kaiser Permanente Insurance Corporation, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and The Permanente Medical Group, Inc.
     According to Gubegna’s complaint, “after being induced, due to difficulty in giving birth, plaintiff was told that a C-section would be necessary. The defendants Dr. Livingston and Dr. Brown performed the surgery. As a result of the defendants’ negligence ... plaintiff’s intestine was punctured. As a result of the defendants’ negligent failure to monitor and take appropriate prompt action for more than a week, a second surgery was necessitated.”
     “Due to a significant amount of time that elapsed between the first surgery and the second surgery, plaintiff lost the complete right side of her colon [because of] failure to monitor her condition after the initial surgery and take appropriate measures, and plaintiff had to be hospitalized for 39 days,” the complaint states.
     “The Hospital Kaiser Santa Clara used young inexperienced doctors to do the C-section without plaintiff’s consent which led to complications, additional surgery and unnecessary time at the hospital,” it continues.
     Gubegna says she was unable to breast feed as a result of the medication she had to take, and missed critical moments of bonding with her newborn child.
     Gubegna sues in pro per.