Toenail Surgery Caused Gangrene & Amputation, Man Says
10-30-2013 21:51:00

     JONESBORO, Ga. (CN) - A man lost a toe, and then his lower leg, to gangrene that developed from a gash a Kaiser podiatrist left when cutting off part of a diseased toenail, he claims in a lawsuit filed in Clayton County Superior Court.
     Charles Jones sued Dr. Mohsen Khoshneviszadeh, The Southeast Permanente Group, Inc. and Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Georgia, Inc., for negligence. His wife, Martha Jones, sued for loss of consortium.
     According to the complaint, Charles Jones visited Dr. Khoshneviszadeh in Oct. 2011 with symptoms of calf pain while walking, and thick, discolored toenails that were hard to trim and were sometimes painful.
     Dr. Khoshneviszadeh cut away parts of the nails with a blade and a nail nipper. “During these procedures, defendant Mohsen Khoshneviszadeh, DPM, negligently and carelessly injured plaintiff Charles Jones causing him to suffer an open wound on his left big toe, which resulted in bleeding and tissue damage. Plaintiff Charles Jones was released without receiving antibiotics and without proper instructions for further care for the wound inflicted on his foot by defendant Mohsen Khoshneviszadeh, DPM,” the complaint says.
     “As a result, plaintiff Charles Jones developed gangrene in his left big toe requiring the left toe to be amputated and, ultimately, requiring a subsequent below-the-knee amputation of Charles Jones’ left leg, which leaves him wheelchair-bound,” the complaint continues.
     Plaintiffs are represented by Steven Salcedo of Decatur, Ga.