Kaiser Owes Doctor Over $40K, He Claims
8-22-2013 01:33:00

 LOS ANGELES (CN) - Several insurance companies, including Kaiser Permanente Insurance, collectively owe a doctor nearly a half million dollars, he claims in a complaint filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

     Doctor Sanjiv Goel says Blue Shield, Facey Medical Group, Regal Medical Group and Kaiser owe him over $484,000. Specifically, he claims he provided emergency medical care to two Kaiser patients, totaling $55,600, but only received payments totaling $14,381.71, leaving a $41,218 balance.

     Goel, who does not reveal in his complaint the hospital he works for, claims Kaiser violated the California Health and Safety Code.

     Brian D. Boydston, of Pick & Boydston LLC in Los Angeles, represents the plaintiff.