Oregon Kaiser Accused of Civil Rights Violations
7-23-2013 23:41:00

PORTLAND, Ore (CN ) - A pro se Kaiser patient alleges that doctors incorrectly diagnosed him and gave "high risk medications" to his daughter, in USDC Oregon.
     Aaron Y. Okuda sued Kaiser Permanente and Legacy Health Systems for civil rights violations, medical malpractice and emotional distress.
     He alleges he denied his permission for AIDS testing and they tested him anyway.
     Kaiser scheduled surgery five or six hours after diagnosing him, and the plaintiff alleges that when he asked for his lap top, a nurse called the police, saying he was raising is voice.
     The plaintiff further accuses Kaiser of making false statements and giving a false diagnosis which made a judge order counseling at a mental health facility where he has had trouble in the past.
     He also accuses doctors of making false statements about his daughter's health, potentially affecting his visitation rights, and of putting false statements in the patient database.
     The plaintiff seeks $500,000.